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After our customer service agents have examined and verified your information, your complaint is followed up ASAP.

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You can start using our services as soon as your submit your complaint! We charge you only after you receive compensation in your bank account.


No need to deal with airlines' excuses. File a complaint with Fedup, and we'll do all the work for you. You can view the progress in real-time on our app.

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Fedup provides multitude of services that aim to protect your lawful rights. You can explore our services on the Services page.


Fedup,一款专业航空纠纷解决平台的服务型APP,专注于航空、酒店投诉处理(如飞机延误、行李损坏、行李丢失、酒店订单被无故取消等)。用户在Fedup提交申诉内容后,由Fedup专业团队向航空公司/酒店进行沟通交涉,Fedup全程跟踪处理。用户无需费神,可在Fedup APP上随时查看案件的处理进度。若成功申诉,赔偿金额将直接返还用户的支付账户。

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Flight Delay
Flight Cancellation
Damaged Baggage
Delayed Baggage
Mechanical Fault
Flight Reallocation
Flight Overbooked